VLE and Flood breaks

From all schools surveyed none of the e-learning that was offered over the flood break that was offered for pupils was accepted by parents to make up for time lost.

In the end parents saw that e-learning was no substitution for time not at school.


Work was set via the web page. Different subjects offered learning through their own websites including wordpress, posterous and edmodo.

No time was made up due to the offer of work set


Work was set through the school website via school management system again different teachers used their own wordpress blogs posterous or microblogging tools such as edmodo.

The plan was that this e-learning should count as 50% of a normal school day. This was rejected by parents


Homework set through school website. Again this did not count as school time.


Attempted to use edmodo there were problems due it being rushed through as a response to floods. About 20% used it. In future will set up blog sites i.e. google sites

Other schools please share your experiences.