New ICT Curriculum

General agreement of the need to teach programming skills in some form and most schools already do. Also, general agreement that the teaching of spreadsheet, database, and word processing skills and general ICT capability i.e. suitablity for audience and purpose are still vital in today's world and are still important areas of the curriculum. Like any curriculum it needs updating and all present belive change is a good thing. General agreement that ICT remains one of the most popular subjects in the curriculum.

No schools are currently offering ICT as an integrated subject and are continuing to offer it as discrete subject.

We believe that none of our schools are really in the position to integrated ICT fully into their subjects:

Reasons include:

Provision at KS2
ICT skills of teachers in KS4&5 not ready to teach IT in their subjects
Teachers will focus more of their time on the core subject they teach and will spend less time on other integrated subjects or ignore them entirely.

Programming skills

As International schools we have always used UK curriculum as a guide rather than a blue print and so all schools have been offering a range of programming skills in their curriculum.



Secondary :


Belief is that current IGCSE Applied ICT will integrate programming or that the IGCSE Computer Science/studies course will integrate. Many schools unhappy with with AS/A2 computer studies course being too theoretical and entirely exam based and therefore not really suitable for non-native speakers.