General notes

Sharing best practice in ICT? How is it done in school? How is it done amongst schools?

ICDL - International computer driving license

Online Computer training - For staff and teachers

Use of school website and blogsite to share best practise and resources in ICT.

Laptop/slates programmes

Most schools agree that the current movement is towards "bring your own' device. It is unfair to force a particular model on pupils/parents. However still some doubt as to wether slates are ready to support the full curriculum.

In the end the role of schools is perhaps to provide the infrastructure to handle the devices rather than devices themselves.

Schools with a compulsary laptop or similar devices say there are a number of issues to be dealt with including:

Additional strain on ICT support
Internet safety considerations
broadband consumption
Loss, theft and damage
School electrical power consumption

Software used to monitor ICT maintainence